Hi, I'm Sadie.

I'm a graphic designer, art director, visual artist and theatre maker, which means I usually say "artist" when people ask me what I do. Saying "interdisciplinary designer" would feel apt but is pretty much a conversation killer with anyone who isn't one themselves.

The work you see on this site gives a flavour of what I've been up to creatively over the past several years. Since graduating in 2000 work has taken various forms; the majority of my output has been as a core artist with pioneers of multidisciplinary performance People Show.

I have also worked as a Project Co-ordinator for Complicite and Lone Twin; with the former travelling to Helsinki, Thessaloniki, Tokyo, New York and Hammersmith, with the latter Brighton, Berlin and the Barbican. Both these companies are great and I love them dearly - check them out.

London-born and London-based I am all for exploring the potential of visual communication - let's talk, look around, plan and then make something beautiful that tells a story.

Contact me if you'd like to say Hi or chat about a collaboration. 

If you had a super-zoom you would be able to see me at the top of that hill...

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